Terrifying! Delta Air Lines Flight Makes Emergency Landing Due to Engine Failure [Video]

A Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to Baltimore was forced to make an emergency landing in North Carolina due to an issue with one of the craft’s engines.

via Complex:

One passenger, Jose Bahamonde-Gonzalez, told WMAR he noticed the engine fuckery about an hour into his travels, at which point those aboard were notified via the loud speaker that they “had lost an engine” and were in preparation mode for an impromptu landing. Another passenger, Avery Porch, recalled hearing a suspect noise.

“After we heard the boom we just saw all this smoke come up into the cabin, and that’s when we really started freaking out,” Porch said. Other passengers described internal escape prepping panic and attempted texts to loved ones, though the pilot was thankfully able to secure everyone’s safety with a Raleigh-Durham International Airport landing that ultimately pushed the flight’s previously scheduled Baltimore arrival back by six and a half hours.

A Delta statement is said to have included some sort of apology for “the inconvenience,” with affected passengers reportedly scoring a whopping 30 bucks in food voucher privileges for their troubles. The plane in question, an MD-88, has since had the malfunctioning engine replaced and was said by CNN to be returning to service Wednesday.

Check out some of the passenger footage below. Scary!

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