Terrible: Denver Broncos' Brandon Marshall Receives a SUPER Racist & Threatening Letter [Photos]

Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos took to Instagram to share a disgustingly racist letter he received to the team office.

The letter is presumably in response to Brandon’s decision to kneel during the National Anthem for the first eight games of the season.

Since the letter included a threat of physical violence, it’s being investigated by Denver’s team security staff.

Brandon told reporters on Friday that the envelope the letter came in had a return address of “Mrs. Jackson’s Sixth Grade Class” and “We love you Mr. Marshall” on the back.

 “They wanted to make sure I got it,” he said.

“I was taken back,” Brandon continued . “I had to read it over again and I’m like, ‘wow, did somebody send this to me?’ Because at first it said, ‘You’re a great player,’ and I had a smile on my face. And then it said, ‘Not!’ and I was like, ‘oh, what’s going on?’ I showed it to Shane (Ray, his teammate and locker room neighbor) and he was taken back too.”

Take a look at the horrific letter below.

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