Tamar Braxton Wants to Leave Atlanta After Car Robbery

Tamar Braxton revealed on social media Monday that her car was burglarized at her Atlanta apartment building — and now she’s reportedly ready to hightail it out of the city.

via Page Six:

“She is highly pissed and freaked out. Now she wants to move out of the luxury building and wants to remove herself from ATL completely” said a source, “But that would be hard to do because she works for Dish Nation, which tapes in Atlanta.”

Surveillance video of the incident shows four men removing goods from her black Bentley.

“Expensive clothing items was taken from her car,” said the source, “She is talking to building security as to how the robbers gained access to the building in the first place and feels like there should be some type of compensation for her losses.”

The “Love and War” singer posted this week, “I got robbed. At home. I’m not safe anywhere. I don’t know why I keep getting violated. I had a lot in my car ‘cause I don’t live anywhere ’cause I’m not safe anywhere or with anyone.”

She added, “With all this surveillance in one of the most expensive/exclusive buildings in ATL … no one did anything [to prevent it].”

“Why they take my garage door openers,” she wrote, “I feel like they are following me and my Bentley key. Where can I go??? No where?? And trust WHOOOOOOOOO?? I hate it here Omg.”

“I mean everyone is a target — you just don’t know. Tamar feels like she is being watched but as a public figure she stands out even more,” said the insider.

We hate to break it to her, but people are stealing from cars and stores pretty much everywhere.

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