Takeoff Shooting Detailed By Survivor, Sydney Leday: “I Remember Running Away” [Video]

A woman who was hit by a stray bullet in the shooting which killed Migos rapper Takeoff is claiming to owe $200K in medical bills after slipping into a coma which left her in the hospital for a week.

via: HotNewHipHop

It was a devastating loss when Takeoff was murdered last November. Since then, investigators have been piecing together what happened that fateful evening in a Houston bowling alley. Takeoff was with several others, including Quavo and J. Prince’s family members, in the early morning of November 1. It’s reported that a disagreement over a dice game turned deadly, with Takeoff being the only victim. Police claim he wasn’t even a part of the argument, just an innocent bystander.

However, he wasn’t the only person shot during the altercation. A woman named Sydney Leday was also injured, and after fighting for her life, she’s detailing her experience. “Everything happened within a few seconds,” she told The Shade Room during an interview. Halloween marked Leday’s 24th birthday, and she was excited to be out and about in Houston. She never expected to be shot in the head that evening. “As soon as I saw a weapon, I tried to hurry up and get out of there.”

According to Sydney, she enjoyed a night on the town with her friends when they were invited to an after hours party at the bowling alley. “I’ve never been in this situation or known anybody that had to go through what I’m going through,” said Leday. “I’m just working on trying to get back to a normal [life] as much as possible.” The party was reportedly “thrown by J. Prince,” said The Shade Room. Sydney added, “I would say, we got there about one o’clock in the morning.” However, when the party seemed to be coming to an end, Leday noticed a shift in the energy.

“Everybody seemed like they knew each other,” she noted. Leday and her friend then watched on as the dice game unfolded. “We got outside, and it was time for everybody to go home. That’s when things changed.” The victim recalled seeing Quavo arguing with a man before other patrons came outside to see what was happening. Initially, it wasn’t a fight, but the two men were discussing the game that reportedly concerned $100K. When things turned serious, Leday remembered being “caught off guard.” Then, someone “[pulled] out a weapon,” which was Leday’s cue that it was time to go.

Sydney didn’t hear the gunshots until she was at an escalator. “I remember running away,” but then suddenly, she crumbled to the ground. Her friend tried to pick her up. “I felt the sting in my head,” she said. “I didn’t realize what actually happened to me, and fortunately, I had on a wig and a wig cap. So, I took the wig off and noticed that I had a lot of blood.” Her friend rushed her to the hospital, and Leday began having seizures during the journey. She was in a coma for days and is grateful to be alive. Yet, her road to recovery is far from over.

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