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Take Us Out The Group Chat: T.J. Holmes Explains His ‘Fear’ of ‘Being Apart’ From Amy Robach

T.J. Holmes discussed his concerns about being separated from Amy Robach as the couple prepared to be apart for four days.

via: Page Six

The journalist admitted he loses his cool whenever he is apart from his former “Good Morning America 3” co-anchor-turned-partner during Friday’s episode of their “Amy and T.J.” podcast.

“I have said this to you plenty of times. I get not pissed [but] I get really frustrated when we are, not apart, but actually apart and traveling apart,” he said after Robach mentioned that she’s getting ready to travel without him for four days.

“We have been through so much together,” he reasoned. “I always get an anxiety, I get fear that [if] we’re not together, I’m not there with you, frankly, to protect you, to help you if anything goes on. I just don’t like being apart from you.”

Holmes added that he feels anxious “that something is going to happen” to Robach when she is away from him.

“It is not a matter of missing you,” he clarified. “I miss you when you go to the bathroom. I hate when we travel apart for long periods of time.”

The pair — whose romance was ousted in November 2022 and cost them their jobs as hosts of “Good Morning America 3” — have often used their podcast to reflect on their trials and tribulations as a couple.

In February, the father of three admitted he knew in the spring of 2022 that he was in love with Robach despite being married to Marilee Fiebig at the time.

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