T.I. Slams Sabrina Peterson As 'Adjudged Liar' In Attempt To Toss Her Lawsuit [Photo] | lovebscott.com

T.I. Slams Sabrina Peterson As ‘Adjudged Liar’ In Attempt To Toss Her Lawsuit [Photo]

T.I. asks a judge to throw out his defamation case against Sabrina Peterson, claiming nobody can damage her reputation any further than she already has.

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Trying to dismiss the lawsuit, the rapper ripped off his accuser in new legal documents.

In the docs obtained by TMZ, Tip’s lawyer Andrew Brettler claims Sabrina “is an adjudged liar, a convicted felon with a lengthy rap sheet for crimes involving dishonesty and violent assault, and has a reputation for being unscrupulous.” Believing that her reputation has been already damaged before their statements about her on social media post, the couple insists there’s no way they could inflict more harm to her image.

Sabrina came up with the allegations against T.I. in January this year, claiming that he put a gun to her head and threatened to kill her at a kids party. Since then, many women came forward with rape and other damning allegations against the rapper and his wife Tiny.

According to Sabrina’s suit, Tiny responded to her claims by referring to her on social media as “strange,” and adding, “everybody know you been special.” The entrepreneur claims she has since become the target of online harassment and threatening messages, but T.I. claims she can’t sue over those comments because they are just opinions and wants a judge to have the lawsuit dismissed.

Sabrina has been holding onto her claims and even demanded that T.I. and Tiny make a public apology. “Tell the truth about me,” she wrote on Instagram in May. “Tell the truth about what you did to me and apologize. I’m gone. I don’t want one dime. I don’t want one dime.”

But T.I. laughed off her request. “An Apology???? [laughing emojis] -Drako voice. #WhatItsComeTo,” he responded on his own Instagram post that included a photo of himself laughing hysterically in a mustard yellow suit as Dave Chappelle cracked up behind him.

Can we get down to the truth of what happened.

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