T.I. Pulled Over for Speeding, Says He Was Driving Fast Because Tiny Was 'Getting On My Nerves' [Video] | lovebscott.com

T.I. Pulled Over for Speeding, Says He Was Driving Fast Because Tiny Was ‘Getting On My Nerves’ [Video]

T.I. has had some serious run-ins with law enforcement in his life, but his latest was luckily far less serious.

via: Complex

Video shows a Georgia state trooper pulling T.I. over for speeding on an Atlanta-area highway.

“You just flew past my door at a very high rate of speed. You drove on the shoulder back there and almost struck that car,” the trooper told the rapper.

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“She was getting on my nerves,” Tip replied, referencing the woman in his passenger seat. The assumption is that T.I. is talking about Tiny, though she never materializes in the dashcam footage.

“I apologize. She was getting under my skin. I just wanted to get home as fast as I could so we can get out of the car, and I can go to my space and she can go to her space,” he added. “You ever been with your girl and she just like harping on something?”

When the trooper asked T.I. why he didn’t have tags on his Range Rover, he explained that he purchased the vehicle that same day. The trooper subsequently got the information from the car dealership owner and handed three citations to T.I.

It’s unclear exactly when the traffic stop took place. Live PD Hardcore published its video in early December, and a TikTok clip of the incident is dated Nov. 30.

T.I., Tiny, and their son King Harris have been making headlines over the last couple of weeks following an altercation between them at an Atlanta Falcons game. Tiny most recently commented on King’s demeanor, calling him her “sweetheart but a terror at the same time.”

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