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Swizz Beatz Sued for $16M in Alleged Luxury Car Scam

Swizz Beatz is being accused of helping run a high-end scam comprised of reselling or double-booking pricey cars leased in his name.

via NYP:

Swizz Beatz, also known as hip hop producer Kasseem Dean, was slapped with a $16.15 million Nassau Supreme Court lawsuit Friday claiming he’d resold or fraudulently used swanky cars like a $155,000 Range Rover a Ferrari F12 worth nearly $600,000.

Similar claims filed last year by Long Island-based Metro Gem Leasing in Brooklyn Federal Court, accusing Beatz of acting as a front for his buddy, Great Neck car dealer Macky Dancy, were eventually dismissed.

Metro Gem attorney Paul Solda says the new lawsuit highlights how Beatz, and Keys’ company AK Worldwide, allegedly drove cars after defaulting on their leases, avoided the repo man, and still owe big bucks.

But the new filing is “nothing more than a desperate attempt to shake down a public figure,” Beatz’ lawyer Matthew West said.

AK Worldwide lawyer John Rosenberg slammed the “frivolous attempt to resurrect baseless claims.”

First we had Alicia scamming us about ‘not’ wearing makeup, and now we find out her husband has been scamming his car sales. Shame.

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