Swae Lee Goes on Instagram Live with Anonymous Fan Who Claims to Have His Hard Drive [Photos + Video]

Swae Lee revealed he lost his hard drive at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday with a career’s worth of unreleased music, but the alleged founder appeared to reach out to him via Instagram Live on Thursday night (December 17).

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In the quest for Swae Lee’s missing hard drive, things have taken a turn for the bizarre. On Friday morning (Dec. 18) the Rae Sremmurd star went Live on Instagram with a fan who claimed to have the drive — which Swae previously offered $20,000 for — and several other items belonging to the rapper. The anonymous fan used a distorted voice on the Live, did not show their face and used the Instagram name @swaeleeharddrive to communicate.

On Live, the fan produced what appears to be Swae’s missing hard drive, his face mask, watch and more — all found within a bag that the artist had lost at the Los Angeles International Airport on Monday (Dec. 14). Looking at the items, Swae said, “That’s what I like to see,” and asked the fan for his Instagram username.

Now, the unidentified individual has taken to Instagram Stories to make a list of demands in exchange for the drive, including $150,000 or a verse from Drake.

“Follow my Twitter too ima start leaking shit on god if he don’t pay for what it’s worth,” they wrote. “I need 150 n up for his music. I’m actually a huge fan. This is really a wild dream come true. Ill give the hard drive back if I could get a picture or a feature with [Drake] & [Swae Lee] together.”

Following the messages, the unidentified fan shared a snippet of one of Swae’s unreleased tracks online. Swae has yet to respond to the individual.

Back when the drive first went missing, Swae sent out a cry for help on Twitter.

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Swae Lee
“I GOT MY WHOLE LIFE ON THAT SHIT!!!” he wrote, adding on Instagram, “I got 20K for anyone who found my hard drive @ LAX T2 Delta Airlines this morning… All my songs are on there.”

In the following days, Swae upped his reward for the drive to $50,000. However, it seems the “Sunflower” rapper will need to dig a little deeper into his pockets to meet the new asking price.

Speaking with REVOLT, Swae previously revealed he and producer Mike WiLL Made-It had record over 700 tracks together while putting together his forthcoming album, Human Nature.

See posts from the supposed hard drive holder below.

So people don’t just do good deeds more.

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