Suge Knight Slapped with $25 MILLION Bail & is Being Held in Solitary Confinement + His Attorney Accuses the Prosecutor of Watching Too Much 'Empire' [Video]

Suge Knight Appears on "The Late Late Show" with Guest Host D.L. Hughley - November 19, 2004

The judge is NOT playing around with Suge Knight.

Suge’s bail has just been raised to $25 million because the judge feels that based on his long history of criminal offenses he’s too dangerous to be out on the streets.

According Suge’s attorney Matt Fletcher, Suge’s unfavorably being held in solitary confinement with no blankets, no hot water, and he isn’t being allowed to shower regularly.

During the bail hearing,¬†Fletcher accused the prosecutor of watching too much ‘Empire,’ saying:

“It’s like she watches “Empire” and comes in and says, ‘He was an unrepentant and shameless criminal. Prosecute him.'”

LOL. Empire has made its way into the courtroom. Check out the accusation below.

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