Stop the Madness: Another Teen Injured While Sleeping Due to the 'Hot Water Challenge' Prank [Video]

We told you a few weeks ago about 11-year-old Jamoneisha Merritt  — who was hospitalized with severe facial and shoulder burns after her 12-year-old friend tossed boiling water on her during a sleepover in the Bronx.

Jamoneisha is recovering well, but unfortunately this ‘hot water challenge’ is catching on and now another teen has suffered second-degree burns because of it.

via NYDN:

An Arkansas boy suffered first and second-degree burns after his friends allegedly heated up water in the microwave and tossed it on him while he was asleep at a friend’s house on Sunday.

“During the night, 3 a.m., he woke up to boiling water having been poured on him,” the teen’s mom Mickey Conrad told Arkansas Matters.

Conrad said her 15-year-old son Nickolas was burned on his neck. She said the friends also used a hot cigarette lighter and burned the teen underneath his arm.

Instead of getting the boy medical attention, Conrad said her son was dropped off to her a few hours later.

She said the flesh on his neck was “rolled off” and she immediately took him to the hospital near their home in Little Rock.  

“It could have very well been his face. It could have been more intense … more damaging,” she said.

Nickolas told THV11 that it was the worst pain of his life.

“I felt this really bad burning in my neck and I woke up and I just started screaming and crying,” he said.

Nickolas said he stayed in the bed for two hours crying, before finally getting up and going to the bathroom to look at his neck.

“They told me that they poured hot water on me and they didn’t realize it was that hot,” he told the outlet. “It was pretty bad at the time.”

Conrad told Arkansas Matters that she contacted the police over the burning and hopes whoever did it pays for what they did to her son.

“It’s a real thing. It is not a joke or prank,” she said. “It’s cruel and it’s criminal.”

Nickolas is expected to make a full recovery.

If you have kids who may be likely to try a stunt like this, show them this post and make them understand that this ‘hot water challenge’ is NOT okay.

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