Stone-Cold Prison Call: Buster Murdaugh Offers Little Sympathy to His Incarcerated Family Annihilator Father During Hilton Head Island Vacation

Convicted killer Alex Murdaugh had an awkward prison phone call with his only surviving son, Buster, that lasted just 42 seconds and involved little warmth, according to a newly released audio recording.

via: Radar Online

Newly released audio from a May 16 phone call between the family annihilator and his only surviving son revealed the contents of their brief conversation.

As reported, the disbarred attorney was sentenced to consecutive life sentences in March 2023 for the murders of his wife, Maggie, and youngest son, Paul, at their family’s ranch in Colleton County, South Carolina.

A cold prison cell felt worlds away from the luxury of Hilton Head Island. In the audio obtained by Fit News, Buster made it clear to his father that he didn’t have much time to spare for him, regardless of his current situation.

“Hey buddy,” Alex told his son as he answered. Buster swiftly replied, “Hey, I don’t have a whole of time. I just boarded a ferry to go back to Hilton Head Island from Daufuskie (Island).”

Alex appeared to already be aware of his son’s movements — and hinted that he was in talks with his lawyers.

“Yeah I know, I – I been trying to call – I was supposed to call you while you were with Jim, um, about this meeting,” Alex continued. “But anyway. How about text him and let him know I’m trying to call him?”

Offering little in return, Buster reluctantly agreed, “Mm-kay.”

Alex continued his cryptic message, asking Buster if he had already been in contact with lawyers.

“Did he talk to you about that – about the thing (line crackles) that I told him?” Alex questioned. Seemingly annoyed, Buster told his dad, “No, I can’t really understand you either.”

“Alright, alright … I’m gone, um, I’m going to leave word with Jim and he’ll be in touch with you,” Alex responded.

The cold conversation ended with Alex telling Buster, “Love you,” to which his son gave a stoic, “Alright, love you too.”

It appeared Alex attempted to mend the wounds he inflicted on his family as he told Buster, “Proud of you.” Buster hardly reciprocated the support and gave a stern “thanks” before the call disconnected.

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