Still Being Messy: Blac Chyna Puts Text Messages from Tyga on Blast: 'I Want to Be With You' [Photo]

Blac Chyna Tyga Instagram Text Messages

Blac Chyna is still upset with the Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s relationship.

Now, instead of blasting 17-year-old Kylie she’s turned her attention to Tyga.

A few moments ago she posted screenshots of messages from ‘King’s Father’ (aka Tyga) to Instagram.

According to the screenshot, Tyga’s been telling Blac Chyna that he wants ‘to be a family again’ and that he wants to ‘be with’ her.

See for yourself…

A photo posted by (@blacchyna) on

We don’t know what this means for Tyga and Kylie, but in all honesty they never ‘confirmed’ they were together anyway.

What we do know, is that earlier today Tyga had a few words he needed to get off his chest:

What do you make of all this messiness?

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