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Let Us Pray: Teen Uses a Selfie Stick While His Girlfriend & Mother Fight [Photos + Video]

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If 2014 was all about the ‘selfie’, then so far 2015 is all about the ‘selfie stick’.

One teen became so enamored with his selfie stick that he couldn’t even put it down when his mom and girlfriend got into a fight right behind him!


Instead, he used his selfie stick to record the whole thing…

via Daily Mail:

The teenager, who begins the video by handing his mother a baseball bat as she stands on the porch of their US home shouting insults at his girlfriend, giggles throughout the film. 

At one point, with her son’s girlfriend’s fingers wrapped around her face, the woman asks her son for help but he is too focused on smiling into the camera and says his girlfriend is ‘too strong.’

At the start the boy’s mother can be heard shouting at her son’s girlfriend to stop ruining her house.

She says: ‘You are not my family.’ 

Her son then hands her a baseball bat, as he sniggers, but carefully removes it as his girlfriend approaches the porch door. He says: ‘You are not going to hit her with the bat.’ 

The mother slams the door as the girl grabs a glass and waits menancingly outside the porch, before the boy can prize it from her fingers. Shouts can be heard from the woman inside who screams ‘I’m not scared of you.’ 

She emerges from the door and the girl throws a flower pot at her and the pair begin to wrestle violently, much to the glee of the boy. 

The girl pushes the woman’s head towards the letterbox as she pulls at her clothes and squeezes her face before she shouts that her boyfriend’s mother has bit her. The teenage boy, dressed in a blue hooded top, laughs into the camera.

How ratchet. Watch the clip below

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