Stevie J & Faith Evans Reportedly Settle Contentious Divorce

Producer Stevie J and his soon-to-be ex-wife Faith Evans have reportedly come to an amicable agreement in their controversial divorce.

via: HipHopDX

Per RadarOnline, court documents show that on Monday (July 3) Evans informed the court that she had “entered into a written agreement regarding their property and their marriage or domestic support partnership rights, including support.”

While the terms of the deal have yet to be revealed, the R&B singer submitted a copy to the court and it reportedly includes spousal support and attorney fees.

The filing read: “There are irreconcilable differences that have led to the irremediable breakdown of the marriage or domestic partnership, and there is no possibility of saving the marriage or domestic partnership through counseling or other means.”

The messy divorce between the Love & Hip Hop pair has dragged on for over two years now. As previously reported, things came to a head in April after Stevie was ordered to turn over his estranged wife’s vehicle after she claimed he stole it to drive to Coachella.

Faith Evans filed an emergency motion to have the car — a 2023 Mercedes Sprinter Van — returned as she purchased it this year with her own money. The incident in question allegedly transpired on April 12 after Evans went to bed, at which point Stevie took the keys and drove away with the vehicle, she claimed.

Evans said she followed up with Stevie and asked him to return the vehicle, but he declined. She added in the docs that she had previously filed a police report reporting the vehicle stolen, which the court granted and ordered the car to be returned immediately.

The “You Used to Love Me” singer also asked the court to intervene to make sure Stevie J couldn’t drive the van, as well as her other vehicles, including a 2020 Mercedes G Wagon and Chrysler Pacifica.

Stevie J was also at one point forced to hire a new lawyer named Evan Itzkowitz after his former divorce attorney dropped him in 2022 due to an “irremediable breakdown.”

However, the former TV star previously bared his soul to Evans in an Instagram post for Mother’s Day last year, apologizing for his actions and pleading for forgiveness.

“Faith Rene Jordan I’ve hurt you, disrespected you and humiliated you in front of the world,” he wrote. “From this day forward I promise to listen to your feelings and be more delicate with your heart. I also promise to build you up even more & to communicate daily with you, respect you and love on you until you’re as happy as you were when we got married.

“I’ve learned my lesson and I NEVER want to live without you because God knows I’m a better man with you and I’m asking you to find it in your heart to forgive me and allow me to rebuild our trust. Happy Mothers Day x I love you.”

The pair were then spotted on a beach date two months later, with Stevie referring to Faith as his “best friend” in a video he posted to Instagram.

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