Stevie J Asks Judge for a Psychiatric Evaluation for Joseline Hernandez, Says He Fears for His Life |

Stevie J Asks Judge for a Psychiatric Evaluation for Joseline Hernandez, Says He Fears for His Life

Stevie J says he believes that Joseline Hernandez has lost her mind and is accusing her of physical abuse. He has asked a judge to order Joseline to undergo a psychological evaluation and anger management assessment.

via Bossip:

Stevie said he is in fear of his life after Joseline assaulted him in front of their lawyers as recently as May 11 when they were trying to mediate their problems in their ongoing child support and custody battle over their baby daughter. And last December, Stevie said Joseline showed up as his house uninvited and nine months pregnant to jump him, injuring his face and eyes. He said he was filming, and even though he, VH1 production staff and his lawyer told her to leave, she lunged at him, hurling court docs and cuss words at him.

Stevie said all of the abuse in question can be backed up by police reports.

The exes are currently battling it out in court over child support and custody of their first child, Bonnie Bella. Their case will head to trial next week.

The father of six said these incidents show a pattern of abuse, and he fears for his safety as well as for Bonnie Bella’s.

“Petitioner has a history of embarking upon a campaign of harassment, stalking, and violence
against the Respondent throughout the course of their relationship and throughout the majority of her pregnancy,” Stevie’s lawyer said in court docs, which were obtained by BOSSIP.

“Such violent behavior has been memorialized and closely documented in the production footage and broadcast of the reality show ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.’ Petitioner’s violent tendencies have increased during her pregnancy causing Respondent to fear for the safety of his life and that of the life of his alleged unborn minor child.”

Stevie said that he’s been on the receiving end of physical and verbal abuse for the past five years, and her behavior shows she’s incapable of caring for their baby. He said he believes he and Bonnie’s lives is in danger if Joseline doesn’t get help, according to court docs.

This is a mess. Stevie and Joseline really had no business making a whole baby together.

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