Stephanie Mills Catches Heat After Saying Beyonce Isn't Comparable To Diana Ross [Video] |

Stephanie Mills Catches Heat After Saying Beyonce Isn’t Comparable To Diana Ross [Video]

Legendary Stephanie Mills has a few critics feeling a way after a recent interview.

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The iconic R&B singer has upset fans of Beyonce Knowles for saying that the former Destiny’s Child star isn’t comparable to her predecessor Diana Ross.

In an interview with VladTV, the interviewer said, “[Diana Ross] was Beyonce before Beyonce.” Interjecting, Stephanie said, “Oh, she – I don’t think you can compare. I don’t think you can compare Beyonce to Diana Ross.”

“Just in terms of stardom?” the interviewer asked. Stephanie added, “In terms of stardom … it’s still different. I mean, Diana is glamor, and you know … Beyonce is glamor … it’s just different … it’s Hip-Hop.”

Stephanie continued, “I consider Beyonce Hip-Hop. And I consider Diana, R&B and Pop, and just … I consider her royalty. I’ve always wanted to be like Diana. And when I saw, ‘Lady Sings The Blues’ … I would go to her shows in Vegas … they were always so wonderful and classy, and everything. Diana Ross is epitome of beauty and class to me.”

When the interviewer said he did not necessarily agree with Stephanie on her outlook on Bey being viewed as “hip-hop,” she doubled down on her comments, “Really? I see [Beyonce] more like hip-hop than anything. And I still think she’s wonderful don’t get me wrong. But, it’s two different generations. It’s just totally different … to me.”

Needless to say, Stephanie’s comments have earned her some backlash on social media. One Twitter user wrote, “I get Stephanie Mills being from a different generation and having a different perspective about Diana vs Bey but tbh how can you box Beyonce into the category of being ‘hip hop’ when she’s done so much in so many different genres of music?”

Another similarly reacted, “I understand the generation divide – I really do. And Beyonce is an honorary Hip-Hop Honey but she is an R&B/Pop diva at her core. Just an evolution of what Diana Ross was in the 1970s. Lastly, Stephanie should NOT be on VladTV.”

When someone tried to dismiss the criticism, saying, “Why is this even a discussion?!?! Both are AMAZING in so many ways!!!!!” one person responded, “I love Stephanie Mills. She’s a legend. But. Beyonce is every bit of POP ICON & LEGEND that Diana Ross is. It’s time we stop pushing that bar further away when it comes to Beyonce. Beyonce works hera&& off just like the Motown legend did. Diana herself has said this about.”

Another explained where the anger came from, “Because Stephanie Mills reduced Beyonce to being ghetto while saying Diana Ross is the epitome of grace. Both are amazing. You’re absolutely correct, but yall only say that when Beyonce is being disrespected, like Beyonce ain’t worked hard to be the echelon of the industry.”

Some others defended Stephanie though. One of them said, “She’s getting a bunch of hate for this but y’all need to realize there would be no Beyonce without Diana Ross. She paved the way for so many Black female artists and her impact in the music industry is still very apparent. Stephanie Mills said nothing wrong.”

“Stephanie Mills is speaking the truth,” another claimed. “Diana broke all types of barriers. Diana created a new mold as a star. Beyonce is great but she follows the mold, she didn’t create it. Stop acting like Stephanie said anything that wasn’t comment sense.”

Blasting Beyhive, someone penned, “Beyhive is fake raging and Stephanie wasn’t weong [sic] this is two different generations Beyonce is NOT Diana Ross and Diana Ross is NOT Beyonce. Bey uses hiphop elements as Diana was strictly pop and rhythm & blues and Motown artists were trained to dress and look very ELEGANT.”

Someone else pointed out, “See the thing is this. She’s from that era where Diana Ross was the BEYONCE of her era, I don’t think she meant any shade but more so like Beyonce is more like a niece of hers Stephanie has been a celebrity for years. She 65. Pls don’t. Diana is just the Beyonce if [sic] her era!”

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