Southwest Airlines to ‘Re-Evaluate’ Resuming Liquor Sales Following Unruly Passenger Incident

People don’t know how to act on airlines these days, therefor Southwest Airlines has decided to continue not serving alcohol.

via Page Six:

The airline’s plan to keep alcohol off its menu follows the alleged May 23 assault of a Southwest employee during an inner-state California flight.

Southwest had reportedly planned to resume alcohol sales on limited flights in late June after banning booze during the pandemic. Those offerings would have been extended to a wider customer base in July.

CNN reports that Southwest’s head of in-flight operations Sonya Lacore cited a “rise in passenger disruptions in flight,” for her decision to “re-evaluate” when the airline will start selling adult beverages again.

The FAA said Monday that it had received roughly 2,500 reports of bad behavior in 2021, the vast majority being committed by anti-maskers.

Great — a few unruly passengers ruined alcohol sales for the rest of them. It’s probably for the best though.

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