Sony Says PlayStation 5 Shortage Could Extend Into 2022

Sony Group Corp. warned a group of analysts the PlayStation 5 will remain in short supply through 2022, suggesting the company will be constrained in its ability to boost sales targets for its latest games console.

via: Collider

Ever since it hit the markets, in November 2020, it’s been extremely hard to buy a PlayStation 5. The shortage in production led to scalpers hoarding consoles to resell them above market price, making it even harder for players to get there on PlayStation 5 at a fair price. Even so, demand for Sony’s new console keeps rising, as more exclusives titles, such as Horizon: Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarok, are set to release in the next months.

So far, the PlayStation 5 already sold 7.8 million units, with Sony predicting 14 million consoles to be sold until the end of the year. This puts the PlayStation 5 right on track to sell as much as the PlayStation 4 did in its first year. Considering the PlayStation 4 shipped more than 114 million units in the six years it was on the market, PlayStation 5 prediction is good news for Sony, even if the components shortage stops the company from trying to push for more sales.

Sony is not the only company to suffer from components shortage, as Nintendo also expects a drop in sales for the Nintendo Switch in 2021 for the same reason. As for PC players, the demand for electronic components highly increased the prices of GPU in the last year, making it harder to player’s to run new games in 4K resolution.

As gaming becomes more usual each year, and big games need more processing power from electronic components, demand for new consoles and computers should increase. The bad news is that if big companies, like Sony, don’t expect to be able to meet the demand, this is a hobby that can keep getting more expensive. No time as now to get your PlayStation 5.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and president Jim Ryan suggested that supply will “get better every month throughout 2021,” but it would appear as though that could no longer be the case.

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