Skai Jackson Addresses Her Alleged Beef With Jordyn Woods' Sister Jodie: 'Fake News' [Photos + Video]

Maybe it’s one big misunderstanding. Jordyn Woods took to her Instagram Live and addressed someone who was allegedly coming for her little sister Jodie. According to what was said in the clip, the person had been allegedly antagonizing Jodie for some time now and the two sisters felt like at this point that enough was enough. The internet somehow came to the conclusion that the person in question was Skai Jackson.

via: AceShowbiz

While Jordyn didn’t name-drop anyone on the video, a TikToker named Mia J revealed in videos that Skai was gaslighting and bullying Jodie on Instagram by creating an account on which she posted the same pictures that the younger Woods sister shared online. The TikToker also accused the “Dancing with the Stars” alum of posting a sweet birthday message for Jodie only to shade her later.

The actress apparently caught wind of the rumors which made her trending on Twitter. Taking to her Instagram page, she urged people not to beliee the “fake news.” She wrote, “Please stop with this fake news.. Jodie and I have talked, we have never had any drama, and people are trying to make something out of nothing on both ends.”

“Y’all are very quick to believe something on the internet,” the actress added. “Again, that dm of ‘Jodie’ is not her.. it’s FAKE. people are trying to make something out of nothing. Stop believing everything you see on the internet.”

Skai further doubled down on her claims on Instagram Story as she clarified, “Jodie Woods and I have never had an issue. We spoke, and are confused about this fake drama. and it’s very sickening. Please leave us alone!” She also tweeted, “Here we go.. making up stories and turning nothing into something.. give me a break!”

Unfortunately, Skai has been caught up in several public beefs before — with everyone from Bhad Bhabie to a former classmate who called the actress a bully. Hopefully, this back and forth between her and the Woods sisters won’t go on much more than it already has.

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