Shonda Rhimes Signs On As Creative Director for Dove's Real Beauty Productions Initiative |

Shonda Rhimes Signs On As Creative Director for Dove’s Real Beauty Productions Initiative

Shonda Rhimes has a new gig.

The TV maven has signed on to be the creative director for Dove’s Real Beauty Productions initiative.

via Page Six:

As part of the role, the “Scandal” creator will produce a series of short films for the brand focusing on the lives of real women.

“When I think about my storytelling, the shows are really about just portraying the lives of women as realistically as possible, as flawed as we are, as powerful as we can be, as ambitious and competitive [as we are], while also serving up a great story, obviously,” she told the magazine. “I love the idea that their mission is about showing women as they really are, so the idea of serving as creative director for a campaign such as this felt really natural.”

While other brands tend to look to celebrities to hawk their wares, Dove’s recent campaigns have focused on regular, everyday women. And while Rhimes’ shows – which also include “How to Get Away with Murder” and “Grey’s Anatomy — aren’t lacking when it comes to the extraordinary, they are built around strong and complex female characters who feel real.

“I think what makes each one of those women beautiful is being powerful, working at all cylinders, loving themselves, feeling really confident,” she said. “Beauty is greater than your hair or your eyes. It’s a bigger picture.”

As with her shows, Rhimes’ goal with the project is to help women find confidence within themselves.

“I don’t know if it is age. I don’t know if it is motherhood. I don’t know what it is, but at some point I just looked up and thought, ‘Oh I am not worried about any of that at all,’” the producer said. “Confidence carries you through. But I don’t know if any woman’s ever at the point where she is 100 percent accepting it.”

We’re here for any and everything Shonda Rhimes decides to do!

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