Shocking: Racist 'RIP Trayvon Martin' Facebook Page Surfaces |

Shocking: Racist ‘RIP Trayvon Martin’ Facebook Page Surfaces


It truly saddens me to know that there are so many disturbed people in this world. A RIP Trayvon Martin Facebook page has emerged containing numerous memes created by using Treyvon’s death photos.

Many of you love muffins have been sending us this page to bring awareness and get it taken down. I must warn you that it is indeed graphic and truly difficult to look at.

If you’d like to help get the page removed, click the button below and report the page to Facebook. You can do it without scrolling through the images. Once you get to the page, click the dropdown arrow as shown.

treyvon martin rip report lovebscott

Warning: Graphic Images 

[button color=”pink” size=”small” link=”” target=”blank” ]Click to Proceed to Facebook Page[/button]

UPDATE: The original page got shut down, but there are two more.

[button color=”pink” size=”small” link=”″ target=”blank” ]Click Here to Report Page[/button]

[button color=”pink” size=”small” link=”″ target=”blank” ]Click Here to Report Page #3[/button]

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