Shocking: Man Gets Thrown Over a Bridge at So-Fi Stadium After Chargers vs Chiefs Game [Video] |

Shocking: Man Gets Thrown Over a Bridge at So-Fi Stadium After Chargers vs Chiefs Game [Video]

Los Angeles Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs went head-to-head at Los Angeles’ So-Fi Stadium on Sunday, and afterwards a man went head-over-a-bridge after getting into an altercation in the parking lot.

Video circulating social media shows two men get into a fight, with one man physically lifting the other over the side of a railing and dropping him onto the concrete steps below.

The man who was dropped can be seen getting up, gingerly, and standing on his feet afterward.

via ABC:

The person who shot the video told KABC-TV it appeared the altercation started with one fan bumping into another. Another person tried to intervene as a fight started and that person was the one who got tossed over the railing.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the incident involved fans from opposing teams.

The incident is yet another example of fan violence at major sports venues in Los Angeles and across the country. In some cases, the fights have resulted in major injuries, including paralysis and even death.

In February of this year, a 49ers fan was left in a coma after being pushed to the ground during a brief fight outside SoFi.

Another fan told Eyewitness News about a sucker punch that sent him to the hospital during the Rams-Cardinals game in January 2022.

Dodger Stadium has also had its share of fan violence. One of the most infamous was the beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow in 2011, an attack which left him with severe and permanent brain injuries.

1) That man is lucky to be alive. Things could’ve ended way worse. 2) What is wrong with people?

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