Shalanda Young Becomes First Black Woman to Oversee Biden's Budget Office

The Biden administration continues to make history with their appointments.

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The Senate elected Shalanda Young as the new director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, NBC News reports. Still within the celebratory confines of Women’s History Month, she is the first Black woman appointed to the position.

Both political parties voted 61-36 in favor of the Louisiana native after the position was without leadership for more than a year. As the director, Young’s department will be responsible for assisting the president in crafting a budget and ensuring that taxpayer dollars are spent in an efficient manner.

“Shalanda will not only be a tremendously qualified director, she’ll also be a historic director: the first Black woman to hold the post,” Biden said in November following her nomination.

Young’s previous works included overseeing the House Appropriations Committee. She was in charge of managing funds for proposed bills, COVID-19 responses and aiding in disaster relief discrepancies.

“A budget is your values,” Young said during her nomination earlier this month. “I share that belief and firmly believe that the federal budget can and should make the promise of this country real for all families in all communities.”

During a meeting with lawmakers, the working mom stood firm in support of minimizing student loan debt for working families, increasing minimum wage, prescription costs and stretching Medicare eligibility.

Neera Tanden was originally nominated for the position but after much debate from the Senate including Tanden’s social media comments about members of Congress, her nomination was pulled.

Had the Senate approved, she would’ve been the “first woman of color and first South Asian American” to carry the mantle, per The 19th. She later apologized for her actions. Tanden is now the staff secretary for the White House which doesn’t require any involvement from the Senate.

Biden has widely publicized his interest in having a diverse cabinet throughout his administration.

Congratulations Queen.

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