Security Guard Suing Nicki Minaj Over Husband Kenneth Petty's Alleged Assault Suffers Small Setback in Court |

Security Guard Suing Nicki Minaj Over Husband Kenneth Petty’s Alleged Assault Suffers Small Setback in Court

A security guard sued Nicki Minaj & Kenneth Petty for $742K after an alleged assault broke his jaw.

via: Radar Online

The man who sued Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty over an alleged 2019 assault was shut down in his plea for a default judgment against the duo.

According to court documents obtained by, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge denied the motion brought by a man named Thomas Weidenmuller.

In his lawsuit, Weidenmuller claimed he worked as a security guard at Minaj’s show on March 22, 2019, in Germany.

During the show, a fan was able to breach the security barriers and made it on stage. After the show, Weidenmuller claimed he witnessed Minaj berating a female security guard over the incident.

He said Minaj was filming the female security guard while filming her and demanding answers. Weidenmuller said he tried to intervene, but Minaj didn’t appreciate him interjecting.

Weidenmuller said Minaj then told her husband about the back and forth she had with him. A short time later, he said he was summoned by Minaj to a private room.

In his suit, Weidenmuller claimed that he entered the room to find Minaj, Petty, and 2 of the rapper’s security guards.

The suit read, “[Minaj] repeatedly screamed obscenities at him. She shouted, “Who do you think you are?” and demanded to know why he interrupted her when she attempted to video record her confrontation with the female security guard. She once again referred to the female security guard as a “fucking b—-” and falsely insisted that Weidenmüller must have a physical or romantic relationship with her.”

The lawsuit added, “Weidenmüller remained calm during Minaj’s tirade and again tried to explain that the female security guard had apologized and that the concert-goer had caused no harm to anyone.”

“While Minaj screamed obscenities at me, Petty repositioned himself out of my eyesight and without warning struck me in the fact, which stunned and disoriented me. Because of the surprise nature of the attack, I am not sure as to whether Petty hit me with his fist or with a weapon,” Weidenmuller said.

Weidenmuller said he rushed to the hospital for medical treatment. He said he had to undergo multiple surgeries due to his injuries, which included a broken jaw.

“I now have five plates in my jaw and my jaw has not yet been fully reconstructed,” he said. “The doctors must still insert implants into my jaw as a part of the reconstruction process. In the interim, the doctors have inserted donor bones from a deceased person into my mouth in order to preserve space for future implants.”

Recently, Weidenmuller claimed Minaj and Petty failed to respond to the lawsuit despite being served. He demanded a default judgment in the amount of $724k — which was broken down as $700k in general damages and another $21k for medical expenses.

However, at a recent hearing, the judge denied the request for a default judgment. The court found that Weidenmuller’s medical bills had not been authenticated.

The court told Weidenmuller his medical records from Germany needed to be translated by an English translator and certified under oath by a qualified interpreter.

In addition, the judge said the request for general damages in the amount of $700k was “excessive.”

The judge provided Weidenmuller additional time to fix his motion.

As previously reported, aside from the lawsuit, Minaj has been busy defending her husband after Megan The Stallion called him out in her song Hiss.

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