Say What Now? Woman Beats Her 10-Year-Old Sister Unconscious Over A Bag of Cheetos [Video]

Deby Mejia needs to be locked up for an extremely long time.

A Texas woman beat her 10-year-old sister to the point of unconsciousness after catching her eating Cheetos, police say.

After the Oct. 11 incident, Deby Mejia, 23, reportedly told investigators thatshe resents her little sister for being born and never loved her, KHOU reported.

Mejia’s little sister reportedly brought a bag of Cheetos to their Houston apartment while Mejia was away. The woman allegedly came home to find her sister snacking and went ballistic. She’s accused of whipping the little girl with an extension cord, then banging her head on the floor into unconsciousness, according to The Weekly Vice.

The woman was charged with child abuse and put in jail. But investigators and neighbors said this wasn’t the first time she’d hurt her sister.

Mejia has looked after the the girl since their mother was deported to Honduras in 2006. A neighbor told KHOU that there was regular abuse, including a punishment that included Meija forcing her sister to kneel on a bag of rice while balancing a bucket of water on her head.

A CPS worker told reporters that there is no record of Mejia or the abuse. Had CPS been informed of a minor caring for another minor, they would have looked into the case, according to KHOU. The victim is now in foster care.

The suspect doesn’t feel any remorse for the alleged crime and doesn’t think she did anything wrong, KTRK reported. She’s scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 13, and her bail was set at $60,000.

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