Say What Now? Teen Accidentally Kills Brother While Posing With Guns for Facebook Photos [Video]

Sister accidentally shoots brother facebook lovebscott

This is unbelievably sad. We really need to take a long, hard, look at gun control in this country.

A 19-year-old woman in Phoenix who accidentally shot and killed her brother was posing with a gun for Facebook photos, according to local police.

Savannah Ramirez and her brother, 22-year-old Manuel Ortiz, were celebrating New Year’s Eve at Ortiz’s apartment along with three other people, when a Facebook photoshoot with a gun turned deadly.

Police believe both Ramirez and Ortiz were drinking and the weapon was in Ramirez’s hand when it accidentally discharged. If blood tests confirm that alcohol was indeed involved, Phoenix police Sgt. Steve Martos said Ramirez would likely be charged with manslaughter.

“Every New Year’s Eve, this particular sister is going to be thinking about this for the rest of her life,” Martos said.


via Gawker

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