Meagan Good: 'I still want to play Whitney Houston in biopic' [Video]

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Meagan Good landed her first major television role starring in NBC’s new primetime drama Deception, but the actress already has her mind on an even bigger project. She wants to play the late Whitney Houston. In February 2012, before her untimely death, a biopic about Whitney Houston starring Good was in the works. Now nearly year after Houston’s death, fans are waiting in anticipation for a movie to be made about the late icon’s life.

During an interview on the set of Deception, Good told theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon that she still wants to bring Houston’s life story to the big screen.

“It is something that I want to do still because I think that there’s obviously a lot that people don’t know and understand,” Good said. “I really want people to see her heart and understand who she was and how she was.”

“I’ve spent a good amount of time with her and she is endearing and her heart is very pure. I totally get how we can both be completely unstoppable yet destructive.”

Good said that shortly before Houston died, she spoke with her about bringing her life’s story to the big screen, and the “I Will Always Love You” singer wanted to meet to discuss how her biopic would end.

“We had the meeting set up to meet two days later to talk about it, because she was like ‘how will it end?” Good said.

“I think it ends with Sparkle. I think the movie ends with a new beginning.”

What do you think? Do you think she’d be a good fit? We’ve seen the first episode of Deception and Meagan definitely delivers. If you’d like to watch the first episode of Deception, tune in to NBC on Jan 7 at 10pm or click here to watch it right now.


via The Grio

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