Say What Now? Paula Deen Admits to Using the 'N-Word' and Wanting Black Waiters to Play Slaves for A Wedding


We were wondering what the #PaulasBestDishes trending topic was about. Now we know.

In a new exclusive, The Enquirer reports that Paula Deen admitted to using racial slurs, including the N-word on several occasions and even wanting black waiters to play the role of slaves in a wedding party she was planning.

[W]hen asked if she wanted black men to play the role of slaves at a wedding she explained she got the idea from a restaurant her husband and her had dined at saying, “The whole entire waiter staff was middle-aged black men, and they had on beautiful white jackets with a black bow tie.

“I mean, it was really impressive. That restaurant represented a certain era in America…after the Civil War, during the Civil War, before the Civil War…It was not only black men, it was black women…I would say they were slaves.”

In a disturbing May 17 legal deposition – which only The ENQUIRER has obtained — Paula also reveals stunning family secrets about booze and pornography. And it was all captured on video!

Now, sources say that Paula’s own words could bring down the Food Network star’s $17 million business empire.

The bombshell revelations came to light after one of Paula’s restaurant managers, Lisa Jackson, sued the popular TV star for discrimination in a whopping $1.2 million lawsuit.

Paula, 66, and her brother Earl “Bubba” Hiers – who co-owns a restaurant with her – gave depositions, where the damaging confessions were disclosed. Incredibly, one source claims this is only the tip of the iceberg.

“While Paula and Bubba did make some pretty damaging confessions in their depositions, what they admitted to only scratches the surface of what actually goes on in their daily lives,” said an insider.


UPDATE: Paula Deen’s laywer has released a statement regarding the incident.

 “Contrary to media reports, Ms. Deen does not condone or find the use of racial epithets acceptable. She is looking forward to her day in court.”

Well, the video doesn’t lie. We’ll see what happens if/when it surfaces.

via Enquirer, Radar Online

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