Say What Now? Massive Fight Breaks Out in Walmart During Hurricane Matthew Panic [Video]


Hurricane Matthew had tensions running high in South Florida as people raced to prepare.

Unfortunately, tensions rose a little TOO high in a local Walmart and a massive brawl broke out between customers.

via Miami Herald:

On a video posted to social media, two customers have a knock-down, drag-out fight in the middle of the Miami Gardens store, 19501 NW 27th Ave.

The two woman yank on each others hair, scream and punch. At one point, one woman rams another woman with her shopping cart so hard, the victim’s breasts fell out of her dress.

In response, she started hurling cans of food at the other woman.

An employee at the store, who declined to be named, said police weren’t called and no one was injured.

And although the caption on the Facebook version of the video said the fight was over the last case of water, the Walmart employee said “two customers fought with each other over the standpoint that they were mad someone cut in line.”

Watch the video below.

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