Say What Now? Man Who Posted Alton Sterling Footage Arrested 24 Hours Later on Fabricated Charges


Just 24 hours after Chris LeDay shared the first video of police officers killing Alton Sterling, he got arrested for what he believes was payback from police officers.

Chris didn’t film the shooting himself, but he was the one who helped it go viral on social media. He says that while on his way to work at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, he was detained by both military and civilian police officers.


Chris told the blog Photography Is Not a Crime that the officers stopped him because he allegedly fit description of someone wanted for battery. They arrested him on the spot because of unpaid traffic tickets. He spent the night in jail and was released after paying $1,231 in fines.

Now, he really did owe money as a result of unpaid traffic tickets — but he says that he hasn’t been driving and uses Uber to get to work because his license was suspended.


He believes his arrest was solely in retaliation for sharing the video of Alton Sterling — and we believe him. Do you?

[via Complex]

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