Say What Now? Florida Man Pours a Cup Full of Semen on a Woman at Panera Bread


Tallahassee police say that 28-year-old Patrick Bruce dumped a cup full of semen on a woman at a local Panera Bread.

He’s facing charges of battery and committing an unnatural and lascivious act.

via ABC 7:

The woman told Tallahassee Police she and a friend were at the Panera on Ocala Road on Sept. 12, eating and doing homework, when a man walked in and started staring at her.

She told officers the man’s gaze made her feel so uncomfortable that she and her friend moved to another table.

Authorities said the man left, but returned a few minutes later with a plastic cup in his hand. The woman said the man went into the restroom for a few minutes and walked over to her table and said, “Here you go.”

At that moment, police said the man started pouring a substance on the woman’s head. She moved so that the liquid landed on her neck, shoulder and arm.

The man, according to the woman, told her he was sorry for spilling his drink on her and walked out of Panera Bread.

The woman realized the substance was not soda. She screamed. She and a manager tried following Bruce. They saw him get into a black Honda Accord and drive off.

Restaurant employees noticed the man had left his cellphone. Video on the phone showed Bruce masturbating into a cup in the bathroom.

Police arrested Bruce three days later.

Investigators say he has a history of indecent acts in public.

Police said Bruce was the focus of an investigation in June after a sports bar employee said a suspicious man rubbed his exposed genitals on her as he walked past her.

Witnesses reported seeing a similar black Honda Accord leave the scene.

During the investigation, the man’s mother told police he’s schizophrenic and not taking his medications. He was not arrested, only because the victim hadn’t noticed the indecent act. She was told by a co-worker who had witnessed it.

Bruce was also under investigation for an incident near the Florida State University campus.

A woman told detectives a man in a black Honda Accord had followed her home. The man got out of the car, dressed in gray clothing and purple latex gloves, and started to dance and roll around in the grass. He eventually drove away.

We just lost our appetite.

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