Say What Now? Flight Crew Duct Tapes Man to Airplane Seat For 6 Hour Flight [Photo]


On a flight from Reykjavik, Iceland to JFK yesterday, a drunken passenger got so unruly that the flight crew had to restrain him. In the name of passenger safety, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea…however they used duct tape and zip ties.

According to Mezane, the Redditor that snapped the picture,

He drank an entire bottle of some duty free alcohol. Then he tried grabbing the women who were sitting next him screaming that we’re going to crash. Finally he started choking a guy next to him and that’s when a huge crowd restrained him and tied him up. This was 2 hours into a 6 hour flight. Edit: Did I mention that he was spitting on random people on the plane!

He looks SO uncomfortable!

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