Say What Now? Father & Son Stole $41,000 Worth of Chicken Wings from a Restaurant


What would you do with over $40,000 worth of stolen chicken wings?

According to authorities, one father and son duo stole over 40 grand worth of chicken wings from a New York restaurant where they both world and sold them to other businesses.

via NBC:

The Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office said 56-year-old Paul Rojek and 33-year-old Joshua Rojek, both of Syracuse, were caught stealing wings from the Twin Trees Too Restaurant in Syracuse.

Deputies said both men were employed as cooks when they placed numerous chicken wing orders with the restaurant’s wholesaler. Officials said the Rojeks would later pick up the orders and resell them at a reduced price.

The men billed about $41,000 worth of wing orders to the restaurant’s account between last February and Nov. 21, deputies said.

Both have been charged with grand larceny and falsifying business records. It wasn’t immediately clear if either man had an attorney who could comment on the allegations. 

Chicken theft is one hell of a way to go to prison, isn’t it?


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