Say What Now? Woman Insists UPS Store Is Her ‘Private Residence’ After Being Asked to Wear Mask [Video]

Just when you think you’ve heard every excuse from people not wanting to wear a mask during the pandemic, a woman decides to claim a UPS store as her “private residence” in attempt to remain mask-less.

via Complex:

Originally shared on TikTok by the user asapvick, the three videos show how the woman refused to mask up, then began a lengthy outburst while an onlooker recorded the incident all the way up to police arriving at the scene.

The woman can be seen talking at the bystander’s phone as one of the employees in the store (reportedly located in Georgia) asks her to leave or put on a mask. The woman proceeds to tell the person filming to put their phone down, saying, “This is a private residence and actually I’m restricting your recording, and so therefore you are not allowed to do this.” The employees waste no time telling her their establishment is not, in fact, a private residence.

When she was grilled as to why she wasn’t wearing a mask, she said, “My mask? I’m not a conformer, why are you wearing one?”

Her template responses sound as though they were taken verbatim from an alt-right YouTuber, and they probably are. She also alleged she’s already had COVID-19, which is definitely believable, but said she had it on Dec. 20, 2019. The first U.S. case of the coronavirus was reported on Jan. 20.

Following the usual Karen story arc, she proceeded to ask for the manager. She continued to complain about the service as she called everyone wearing a mask a “conformist,” and once again declared the store was her “private property.”

Cut to the third part of the video and she’s loudly yelling at police while attempting to spout further conspiracist “gotcha” anti-logic. Needless to say, the videos have already gone viral, because the Karens aren’t ending 2020 quietly.

Watch the video below.

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