Say What Now? Woman Arrested for Fatally Stabbing Fiancé and Attempting to Stitch Him Up

25-year-old Liliana Cervantes a Texas mom of two fatally stabbed her fiancé — before attempting to stitch up his knife wounds, according to police.

via: Complex

Cervantes was arrested on Monday, April 3, and charged with the March 20 death of her fiancé Nathan Freeman, 32. Officers responded to the couple’s apartment last month, where they discovered her attempting to stitch up his fatal wounds. Freeman was pronounced dead at the scene by the responding paramedics.

Cervantes’ the four-year-old daughter from a previous relationship and their shared six-month-old daughter were in the apartment at the time of Freeman’s killing.

Freeman’s mother, Tessa Freeman, said the couple met on Facebook a few years back and were planning to get married this fall. “My husband and I went to visit them for Thanksgiving, and they seemed perfectly happy. We had dinner with her parents and it was great,” she said. “They just moved to the apartment. We had a great time.” Investigators located a butcher knife in their apartment, which was covered with bloody footprints.

In an appearance in court, Cervantes claimed she blacked out during the stabbing and only came to when she had water splashed on her face. “The officer stated that she woke up with water being splashed on her and the baby, and she blacked out again,” heard the court in a probable cause hearing on Tuesday. “The next thing she remembers [is] trying to stitch the complainant up and calling 911.”

Cervantes is currently behind bars on $150,000 bond, while her two children are in the custody of her family. Freeman’s mother said that she wants custody of her grandchild. “I don’t believe her,” she said. “I don’t believe anything she says. I think she was just making it up to try to cover her butt, so yeah, I got to get justice for my son now.”

A GoFundMe campaign to cover Freeman’s funeral costs is ongoing.

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