Say What Now? UK Newspaper Calls Beyoncé a 'Whore' for Grammys Performance [Photo]


In all our days, we don’t think we’ve seen a major publication call an artist a ‘whore’.

The UK’s Metro newspaper ran a headline calling Beyoncé a ‘whore’ following her “Drunk in Love” performance at the Grammys.

Metro reports:

Horrified viewer Mandy Flores wrote on Facebook: ‘Aren’t u a mother now!!? Thought u had class, how trashy and I couldn’t even let my 8 year old watch. U have never done anything like that! So disappointed.’

Others quickly reached for the remote control, with JJ Boogie tweeting: ‘Opening Grammy song performance inappropriate for young children. Thank you Beyonce. #ChannelChange.’

Another horrified woman said the 32-year-old mum looked like a ‘wh*re on stage’ at the Staples Center in LA.

Do you think Beyoncé’s performance was that offensive? We’ve certainly seen worse….Miley Cyrus, anyone?

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