Say What Now? Tubi Outperformed Disney+, Peacock, and Max Last Month |

Say What Now? Tubi Outperformed Disney+, Peacock, and Max Last Month

It has become increasingly obvious that the people yearn for regular freakin’ television.

Subscription prices for Netflix, Disney+, Max and Peacock have crept up over the last year, and more consumers are turning to the free, ad-supported video-on-demand service owned by Fox Corp.

Nielsen data showed that May was Tubi’s most-watched month ever, with an average audience of 1 million viewers, up 46% from a year ago.

The streamer edged out Disney+, which averaged 969,000 viewers. Tubi also easily beat NBCUniversal’s Peacock, Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max and Paramount Global’s Paramount+ while also topping free competitors such as the Roku Channel and Pluto TV. YouTube is the only free ad-supported streaming platform with more viewers than Tubi.

Third-quarter revenue for Tubi grew 22% year-over-year at a time when the advertising market was sluggish, according to Fox.

“Tubi continues to pull ahead from its (ad-supported video on demand) competition and post faster than expected growth,” analysts at research firm MoffettNathanson said in a report for clients.

The escalating subscription costs of the competition have certainly helped. With Netflix, Amazon and others now selling advertising in addition to charging fees, Tubi is looking like a better deal to many budget-conscious consumers.

“Of course, those are things that are going to positively impact us,” Adam Lewinson, chief content officer for Tubi, said in a recent interview.

The San Francisco-based company was founded in 2017 and acquired by Fox in 2020 for $440 million. Tubi currently offers 250,000 TV episodes and movies.

Tubi says 63% of its users describe themselves as “cord-nevers” — people who have never subscribed to a pay-TV package — or cord-cutters. About half are what Tubi categorizes as multicultural, covering Black, Latino, Asian and LGBTQ+ audiences.

Although Tubi has a wide array of livestreaming channels that deliver shows, live sports and news in real time, 90% of its viewing is on demand, younger viewers’ preferred way to watch. The streamer says the median age of its audience is 39, the youngest in television.

via: Los Angeles Times

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