Say What Now? Texas Man Drives Car Dealership Loaner Vehicle to Rob a Bank So He Can Buy BMW

Eric Dion Warren, of Texas, has been arrested after he drove a car dealership loaner to a bank and robbed it — all so that he could return the loaner and buy a BMW.

via Complex:

Federal prosecutors revealed in a press release that Warren was able to rob the bank and put a down payment on the car using the stolen money, which is either a very confident or very stupid move. He was sentenced to 20 years behind bars on Tuesday, although he attempted his audacious heist back in 2019.

When he arrived at the bank, he put a note and an empty paper bag on the counter. “This is a fucking robbery,” read the note. “Play with me and die. I want $10,000 in 50 and 100 dollar bills now you got 1 minute or I will kill you.” It was reported that he was brandishing what appeared to be a handgun, and stressed to the clerk, “I ain’t playing around, I only want 100s and 50s.” They gave him the cash, which included 20 dollar bills with recorded numbers.

After he got the money, he drove back to the car dealership and appeared to flash his cash around. “Mr. Warren began waving the cash that he had illegally obtained from the bank robbery at employees in the car dealership,” said prosecutors. Just 15 minutes after the robbery took place, authorities called the car dealership and informed them that Warren was looking to buy a BMW using stolen money.

Upon the arrival of police at the scene, Warren was found to be in possession of the cash and had a pellet gun that was painted to look like a handgun. The demand note that he gave to the teller at the bank was tested for fingerprints, which matched Warren’s.

He looks like he has no regrets.

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