Say What Now? Teen Employee of Kroger Supermarket Accused of Stealing Nearly $1 Million From Store

A 19-year-old working at an Atlanta-area Kroger grocery store has been accused of stealing — get this — nearly $1 million from the store by making a bunch of fraudulent returns.

via Complex:

As the New York Times reports, authorities accuse 19-year-old Tre Brown of cashing in on more than 40 fake refunds using several credit cards. Brown allegedly made the transactions, which ranged from $75 to over $87,000, during a two week period in December and January while a supermarket compliance officer was away from their post. 

Brown reportedly spent stolen funds on two cars, weapons, clothing, shoes, and other items. It’s unclear how much of the money, which totaled $980,00, he spent on these various items. According to the police, the teen reportedly totaled a Chevrolet Camaro he had purchased before his arrest.  

The alleged theft was spotted by a corporate Kroger employee who reported it to police. Gwinnett County law enforcement told the Times that a large sum of the total was returned after Brown’s arrest on Jan. 14. He’s now facing a felony charge for theft by taking. 

Brown worked at the Kroger store in the fuel center. Collin Flynn, a spokesman for the Gwinnett County Police Department, told the Times that the former employee claimed to be returning lottery tickets, which detectives were trying to determine whether or not had been fabricated.

Kroger thanked the Gwinnett County Police Department, but declined to comment on the ongoing investigation. Brown was released on a $11,200 bond the same day of his arrest.

He probably would’ve gotten away with just a few charges had he not been so greedy. Off to jail he goes!

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