Keyshia Cole's DJ Says She Was Over an Hour Late to 'Verzuz' Battle Because 'Her Screen Was Blurry' Amid Technical Difficulties [Video]

Keyshia Cole arrived over an hour late to her already-twice delayed ‘Verzuz’ battle against Ashanti on Thursday night leaving fans of both artists annoyed — and sleepy.

Even ‘Verzuz’ host Swizz Beatz acknowledged “this is very disrespectful” in the show’s Instagram comments.

When the show finally started, Keyshia never addressed what took her so long to show up, but on Friday her DJ shared that she was late because of some technical difficulties.

“She didn’t wanna come out ’cause her screen was blurry,” Keyshia’s DJ explained on 97.9 The Box. “On her end, her screen was blurry. She was there on time. I seen everything. She was there but she didn’t wanna come out because the screen was blurry and stuff wasn’t right, you know. We couldn’t hear [Ashanti’s] side, so it was a lot of technical stuff going on there.”

We understand technical difficulties, but fans could’ve been given a heads up as it was happening.

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