Say What Now? Party Bus Opens Fire on Another Party Bus Leaving One Dead and Three Wounded

Multiple gunmen on a party bus opened fire on another party bus early Sunday in Santa Monica, California, leaving one person dead and three others wounded.

They remain on the loose.

via NYDN:

“One of the buses had a group of people that got off the bus, got into an altercation of some sort with another group that was on another bus that was directly parked behind it, at which point shots were fired,” Lt. Saul Rodriguez of the Santa Monica Police Department¬†told ABC 7.

Three people on the bus were shot, and one person on Ocean Avenue was hit.

The driver of the bus with the gunshot victims was able to get to a nearby police station, according to the station.

A woman later died from a gunshot wound, according to Santa Monica cops. Two additional victims remain hospitalized in stable condition. Another person suffered minor injuries.

After the shooting, the suspects fled to Palisades Park and jumped over a railing toward Pacific Coast Highway, according to authorities.

Cops describe the suspects as 2-3 black males. Anyone with information on the case should contact Detective Leone at (310) 458-8949; Detective Cooper (310) 458-8478; or the Santa Monica Police Department at (310) 458-8495.

That’s one way to ruin a party. Let’s hope the authorities find them.

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