Say What Now? Parents Didn't Believe Daughters' Story of 'Creature' Living in Their Room -- Only to Discover a Possum [Photos]

Kids are known to make up tales of ‘creatures’ and ‘monsters’ in their room, but Caitlin Burch might think twice next time before dismissing her two daughters stories as pure imagination.

via Complex:

During an interview with Buzzfeed, Caitlin Burch talked about how her daughters insisted that she and her husband Bryan investigate the suspicious beast living in her room, refusing to sleep in their room until it was gone. 

“They used the words ‘creature’ and ‘rat,” Burch explained. “The 7-year-old insisted that there was something…. The 7-year-old would not sleep in her room. They sleep in their room every night, but I told her she could sleep in the guest room that night if it made her feel better.”

Burch and her husband were unable to locate the pest after doing a sweep of their bedroom. They figured it was a mouse and brought traps to help their children feel more comfortable. After a few more days of their daughters’ urges, Bryan decided to give the room one more look. He found a possum living in their daughters’ closet. The animal had crawled into one of their daughter’s dress boxes and had been living in the space for almost three days. The family quickly jumped into action, embarking on a two-hour mission to remove the possum.

“It’s very much an ‘I told you so’ moment for them,” Burch stated when describing her daughters’ reactions to the discovery. “We realized after the fact that we should have noticed some things. Some toys knocked over. Dog’s food missing, so we know it had been in the rest of the house too. The dog never made a peep the whole time it was in the house.”

How terrifying.

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