Say What Now? Mom Goes Viral After She Is Told She's Having Twins — And Tells Technician They're Lying [Video]

A mom went viral on TikTok when she couldn’t believe that she was having twins.

Chancè, a mom of 4, had a hilarious reaction when her technician told her that she would be having two babies just five months after having her first.

In the now-viral TikTok, the technician gasps, and then says, “You have twins,” to which Chancè responds, “Sorry, what?”

“You have twins,” the technician responds, as Chancè goes, “I’m sorry what?” again. “You’re lying, you’re joking, you’re so funny!” Chancè says. “What do you mean?”

The technician continues to try and explain the situation to the confused mom. “There are two babies right here,” the technician explains. “No, that’s not true,” Chancè says. “Yes, it is,” the technician insists.

“But aren’t babies supposed to be different thingies, so that’s obviously just one,” Chancè asks. “No, so there’s a sack here and there’s a sack there,” the technician attempts to explain. “No you’re so funny, I don’t see it!” Chancè responds.

“Here is your uterus,” the technician tries again. “That’s inside of your uterus and then there’s a sack that’s around this baby and then a sack that’s around this baby,” she says, pointing out both fetuses on the monitor.

“So like, two of them?” Chancè hilariously asks again. “Yes,” the technician responds.

“How do you even push them at the same time?” Chancè asks her technician. “Well one baby comes out first, and then the next baby comes out,” the technician answers her.

“But twins are like, barely in my family,” the mom claims in her original video. “So these most likely, if you don’t have any family history of twins…” the technician begins to respond, when Chancè interrupts her to say “I’m kidding, we do.” She goes on to say that her sister has twins. “Oh my god!” yells the technician.

Although the video was posted earlier this month, the actual footage is from several years ago. Chancè and her husband Julien are now parents to twin 2-year-old girls, Apphia and Atarah.

They also share sons, Elzaphan, 16 months old, and Ezechiel, 4.

The viral video — which you can check out below — has amassed over 17 million views on TikTok.

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