Say What Now? Model Goes Viral for Runway Walk at Friend's Funeral Viewing [Video] |

Say What Now? Model Goes Viral for Runway Walk at Friend’s Funeral Viewing [Video]

While death is almost always a time for grieving, sometimes it can be a time for celebration.

As TMZ reports, Designer Vernest Moore died October 22, and friends and family gathered last week in Newark for a “Red Carpet Viewing.” The event came complete with a red carpet leading all the way to Vernest’s open casket.

Model Erica L. Carrington had the runway walk of her life to complete recently, but as she teeters her way down a long hallway and negotiates a set of steps as onlookers applaud, it seems that the ‘fashion show’ is not what you think it is.

And if you guessed what’s revealed in the final few seconds, well, you either have a very strange sense of humour or a psychic gift.

Yes, that is a coffin and yes, this is a funeral service – although context is everything in this case.

It’s believed that the ‘show’ was in accordance with Moore’s final wishes.

Carrington, meanwhile, posted an explanation on her own Instagram page, calling it “one of THEE MOST CHALLENGING things I have had to do.”

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