Say What Now? Missing North Carolina Third Graders Found at a Nearby McDonald's

Two third graders from an elementary school  in Holly Springs, N.C., went missing during recess on Wednesday.

Fortunately, police found the kids at a nearby McDonald’s.

via NYDN:

Holly Grove Elementary School principal Sarah Simmons told parents in an email that the school would hit the students with “appropriate disciplinary action” for their escape to the Golden Arches, according to the Raleigh News & Observer.

The grade schoolers reportedly bounced during recess, slipping off to a McDonald’s about a mile and a half away.

Holly Springs police said they brought the kids back to school after receiving a call from a parent who spotted them at the fast food joint.

“Once they maintained custody of those children and confirmed we had exactly who we thought we had, we were all able to take a sigh of relief at that point,” police Sgt. Tom Brienzi said, according to ABC affiliate WTVD.

We’re happy to hear they were recovered safely.

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