Say What Now? Maryland School Board Virtual Meeting Interrupted By Distinct Sex Moaning

A virtual Baltimore County school board meeting Tuesday was disrupted by distinct sex sounds on Tuesday, reported Baltimore TV station WMAR.

via NYDN:

The board and Superintendent Dr. Darryl Williams expressed concern over the blare of boom-boom that occurred near the end of the meeting.

“It just brings great concerns to me because I was listening,” parent Rachel Grayson told Baltimore TV station WBFF. “I wanted to hear discussion, I want to hear more. And I didn’t hear it. There were so many moments of pause. That’s why it was going so late. So if they were in person, this wouldn’t have happened.”

The noisy nookie occurred approximately six hours into the meeting at approximately 1 a.m., according to WBFF. Unclear at the moment is whether the sound emanated from sex-positive trysters or just background porn.

There is question as to whether someone managed to hack the meeting.

Two board officers, Kathleen Causey and Julie Henn, have consulted with school officials to launch a probe for the coital culprit.

Recordings of board meetings are part of the official record. Members of the board were directed to remove the offensive portion of the video from the public version, and the superintendent and his staff have been asked to preserve the original recording for further investigation.

The board has also expressed regret regarding the incident and is working on ways to ensure a sex sequel isn’t in the cards.

Do we think someone hacked the meeting — or did someone forget to mute his/her mic?

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