Say What Now? Man Uses $45,000 Fraudulent Loan to Pay Dental Office for New Teeth

Police are looking for a man — whose name has not been released — who tried to get a bag and fix his teeth.

Unfortunately, his bag was in the form of a fraudulent loan and he never actually got to fix anything. He’s currently on the run.

via NYDN:

The man — whose name wasn’t released — showed up for a consultation at Smile Texas where he scheduled to have surgery for new expensive dentures on Nov. 30, KHOU reported.

The molds were made, and workers were scheduled — duties that cost $9,800 — for the surgery the suspect never showed up for, the dental office said.

After trying to reach the suspect by phone, another man called the office and informed a staff member his information was used to open a fraudulent line of credit, according to KHOU.

Smile Texas also provided the Sugar Land Police Department with a photo taken of the suspect during his first consultation.

The man faces charges of fraudulent use of identifying information and tampering with a government document.

Well, at least he tried to use the loan for medical reasons and not something frivilous.

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