Say What Now? Man Slashed with Sword After Urinating on Lower Manhattan Apartment Building

A large blood trail is pictured outside 113 Elizabeth Street after a sword-swinging attacker slashed a man who had allegedly relieved himself on the apartment building wall on Saturday. (Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News)

A man who likes peeing on buildings crossed paths with a man wielding a sword in lower Manhattan — and confrontation ensued leaving the urinating man injured.

via NYDN:

The 20-year-old victim was hanging out with four other friends when he began to urinate on a wall on Elizabeth St. near Grand St. about 2:45 a.m. Saturday, police said.

A man poked his head out of a window in the building and yelled at him to stop. Not long afterward, the man exited the building with a friend — one wielding a sword, the other brass knuckles, police said.

The pair beat and hacked at the victim — causing swelling on his face, slashing a rib and chopping his left forearm so deeply the blade touched the bone and damaged tendons, cops said.

The victim also cut the fingers on his right hand when he grabbed the blade, cops said. Medics took him to Bellevue Hospital.

Police arrested one of the two alleged attackers, but recovered no weapons, cops said. Maximilian Ong was arraigned Sunday on felony assault and weapon possession charges, and released on $20,000 cash bail.

This is an example of why you can’t test everyone’s crazy — because you might mess up and encounter someone crazier than you…and end up cut!

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