Say What Now? Man Robs a Bank for $10,000, Immediately Goes to KFC Afterwards

Samuel Reaves decided to rob a Wells Fargo in Florida — but it made him hungry, so he took the $10,000 he made off with and went straight to KFC.

via NYDN:

Samuel Reaves entered Wells Fargo building and told a teller, “this is a robbery. Give me all your money in the bank,” according to the Sun newspaper.

The teller asked the 32-year-old Reaves if he wanted a bag, and he said yes and thanked her.

Reaves then strolled out of the bank and strolled to the restaurant as a bank employee followed, the Sun reported.

The suspect sat next to a woman, and asked for a cigarette, he later told cops.

Gainesville cops found Reaves at KFC with the money, and he was arrested and taken to Alachua County jail, according to the Sun.

See, that’s what he gets for not going to Popeyes instead.

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